What The Association of British Insurers (ABI) Say About Comparing Annuities... "Looking ahead, more is being done to encourage consumers to check whether they can get a better deal on the open market, and to improve the overall customer experience of buying an annuity.

Significant steps are being taken to encourage consumers to look around the market, including through improving the information provided to consumers at retirement."


What the Professional Pensions Publication, DC World Says About Comparing Annuities...

"It has been estimated that more than £1bn in pensions was lost by not getting proper advice on the best-selling annuity, reiterating the need for more awareness of the open market option."

Did you know?

After your death, your pension does not automatically become the property of your family; they do not get anything that's left after you die unless you opt for a Joint Life Annuity.

Remember, your pension 'belongs' to the annuity provider as they took on the risk of providing you the annuity based on how long they expected you to live.


It is important to realise that an annuity is a one off purchase. You can't change your mind after you buy an annuity. Your decision will determine your income for the rest of your life.

Basically, an annuity is a regular income which you are guaranteed to receive over your lifetime. Most people call this annuity income a pension.

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Your lifespan as a smoker and your options
The UK open market option...

annuity-smokers This service is brought to you by Retirement Solutions (UK) Ltd. We are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered annuity and income drawdown specialists and one of the UK's best known retirement income experts.

For many years now the financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), have campaigned to help ensure that people compare annuities on the open market before they buy.

Much evidence is available that suggests that people looking to retire could save thousands by comparing other annuity options with the annuity that is offered by their existing pension provider.

It has been reported that just 1 in 10 people looking for an annuity receive preferential rates, although up to 4 in 10 retirees (160,000 people a year) could qualify for potentially higher income (Source: Watson Wyatt).

This can be especially true if you're a smoker. We're sorry to be blunt, but you most likely already know that smokers, in general, have shorter lifespans than non-smokers. Of course annuity providers are well aware of this unfortunate fact of life.

So now the good news
You have an advantage...

If you are a smoker, annuity providers factor in that you are likely to die sooner than the average non smoker (that's good news?!), so it won't be paying you your yearly income for as long.

There is good news though, a presumed shorter lifespan means that being a smoker can increase the amount of yearly income you receive from your annuity.

Additionally, higher rates are sometimes offered to people who have retired from certain occupations or live in certain parts of the country.

In advanced years or having health problems?
Higher age and impaired health can increase income...

As a regular smoker you may already be entitled to receive a higher income, but also, dependant on age, you may receive further enhanced annuity rates of up to 40% above standard level annuity rates, i.e. if normally you would receive £1,000 as a non smoker, you might receive as much as £1,300 as an older smoker.

Most likely, for the first time in your life it actually pays to be older and in "bad" health!

A list of possible annuity providers legal-and-general liverpool-victoria just-retirement aviva canada-life axa prudential mgm-annuities partnership-annuities scottish-equitable scottish-life scottish-widows standard-life

If you have one of almost 1500 conditions such as asthma, being overweight, high blood pressure, heart problems etc., make sure you mention them to your specialist.

It is estimated that up to 40% of the UK population could boost their annuity income with an "enhanced annuity".

But I'm going to give up smoking!
Will my expected income go down?...

pension-annuityEven if you give up smoking after being accepted on enhanced annuity terms your pension income will remain at that rate for the rest of the your life.

It is important to realise that an annuity is a one off purchase. You can't change your mind after you buy an annuity. Your decision will determine your income for the rest of your life.

Basically, an annuity is a regular income which you are guaranteed to receive over your lifetime. Most people call this annuity income a pension.

Help is at hand
A professional approach...

A specialist will compare annuity rates helping you to ensure that you maximise your annuity income. They can explain the different options available to you, advise on transferring existing pensions and advise on investing your tax free pension cash. They will also of course help you with the tiresome form filling that is an unfortunate, but necessary part of the application. This will help ensure that your paperwork is processed smoothly and efficiently.

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